Images of Azeroth: 50,000 Words (48/50)

Verrall River Falls, Uldum

The Egypt themed Uldum is, in my mind, the most visually appealing of all the zones introduced in Cataclysm. It evokes a feeling of majesty and mystery - and loneliness. It reminds me of how I felt as a new player roaming the wastes of Tanaris. I have never managed to finish every quest in Uldum, but I really enjoyed the feeling of discovery as I went through it. It's got a great atmosphere, and like all the best zones it makes the player feel something while there. And creating an emotional attachment is what takes anything from being ordinary to memorable.

The Great Statues of Uldum

And besides, who didn't enjoy those whacking those thieving little pluckers with a gigantic hammer?

Cameron and Tennille

With each wedding that I booked, I included a free engagement shoot with it. This allowed the clients and I to get to know each other before the wedding so that they would be more comfortable with me as a photographer, be more relaxed and ultimately get better photos on the big day. It also gave me another opportunity to create spectacular images in a more casual and less time constrained environment. This one is another signature piece that I did, and featured prominently in a lot of the promotional material that I created for my business. This image was not cropped at all, and all colours are completely natural. It was printed as a 30x30-inch wall portrait. 

In getting this image ready to put on the blog, I remembered just how much of a pain in the ass it was working with film. The scan of this image was dirty as hell, and cleaning it took forever (and I still don't think I got everything). Viva la digital! 

Angelya over at Revive and Rejuvenate has come up with another Challenge that I, as a Photographer and self-styled Visual Artist, am very excited about. It's IntPiPoMo, or International Picture Posting Month. As a picture is worth 1,000 words, the goal for this challenge is to post 50 pictures during the month of November. I will be posting 25 Images of Azeroth and 25 photographs or art projects that I have been working on personally (and no baby photos, sorry ladies). As well, I will be posting commentary and context with each image.

Please note that all World of Warcraft screenshots are copyright Blizzard Entertainment. The photographs are copyright Brad Stover and should not be reused without permission..


  1. I love Uldum pics :)
    Only 2 more to go Fannon!
    Hey Fannon think you could use your creative eye and take a pic for me of something? I can't capture it right ingame.

  2. Very refreshing shot their Fannon!

    - Jamin

  3. @Navimie: Of course, I'd be happy to take a request. Let me know what you want, either here, through email or as a DM on twitter and I'll see what I can do.

    @Jamin: Thanks. Just out of curiosity, which one are you referring to? :)

  4. The top one XD

    However, the bottom one looks like a scene from a film!