Images of Azeroth: 50,000 Words (36/50)

He's Just a Dragon, Right?

A Simple Tree

You never know when an interesting image is going to come in front of your lens; there are great, interesting images literally everywhere you look. The problem that a lot of inexperienced photographers have is that they never change their perspective. Look up at the sky, or crouch down close to the ground, or tilt your camera; take a look at an object from all sorts of different angles before moving on. This photograph was taken looking straight up at an overhanging, dead tree, which, combined with the sky gives the image an ominous feel.

Angelya over at Revive and Rejuvenate has come up with another Challenge that I, as a Photographer and self-styled Visual Artist, am very excited about. It's IntPiPoMo, or International Picture Posting Month. As a picture is worth 1,000 words, the goal for this challenge is to post 50 pictures during the month of November. I will be posting 25 Images of Azeroth and 25 photographs or art projects that I have been working on personally (and no baby photos, sorry ladies). As well, I will be posting commentary and context with each image.

Please note that all World of Warcraft screenshots are copyright Blizzard Entertainment. The photographs are copyright Brad Stover and should not be reused without permission..

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