Images of Azeroth: 50,000 Words (4/50)

Here there be dragons. Grim Batol
Oftentimes I am amazed at how little we as players look around and really see what's going on in the peripheries of the game world. There is an amazing amount of detail going on all around us. This particular image is of Grim Batol. I wonder how many players who in their rush to get through the instance to collect their points have never bothered to look up and see the war going on between the Red and Twilight Dragonflights?

Sunset in Copper
This is actually a composite of two different images taken of the same scene. The basic image of the sunset is overlaid with a second photograph that I blurred significantly by moving the camera during the exposure. Back in my days of shooting film I would have done this in camera, but digital certainly makes it easier! I really love the extra glow that the blurred image gives this photograph, adding an ethereal quality to it. I also find this image interesting in it's monochromatic nature; it seems to be nothing but shades of orange and black, with no purples or blues that are commonly seen at sunset. 

Angelya over at Revive and Rejuvenate has come up with another Challenge that I, as a Photographer and self-styled Visual Artist, am very excited about. It's IntPiPoMo, or International Picture Posting Month. As a picture is worth 1,000 words, the goal for this challenge is to post 50 pictures during the month of November. I will be posting 25 Images of Azeroth and 25 photographs or art projects that I have been working on personally (and no baby photos, sorry ladies). As well, I will be posting commentary and context with each image.

Please note that all World of Warcraft screenshots are copyright Blizzard Entertainment. The photographs are copyright Brad Stover and should not be reused without permission.


  1. Lovely Images you got here Fannon! Love the Sunset, it's always been my favorite scenery. When I am running Grim Batol instance I do notice those dragons.. curious how the battle went inside a closed door dungeon, even the dragons hang and dead by Blades Edge Mountains in Outlands. Anyway, Looking forward to see more of these! great project you guys been working on wish I have more time to join, but I aint a professional photographer so yea hehe, Have fun! =D

  2. up isn't the way to look in GB. Try looking down the chasms.

  3. I have to remember to look up AND down next time.