Images of Azeroth: 50,000 Words (31/50)

Poolside in Kezan

A Portrait of the Dwarf as a Young Man
Fannon, In Real Life.

At one point or another, every artist does a self-portrait of some sort. In fact, it's a standard part of most art classes. This was mine; done as I was learning my trade as an apprentice with one of the best photographers in my home town. I used it on my business cards when I went into business for myself and I still use it as my Facebook profile picture today (not that I use Facebook any longer, mind you). The fedora was my signature look at the time, and I wore is almost constantly. Thank you, Night Court, for defining my aesthetics at such a young age.

I haven't done any other self-portraits since. One of the drawbacks of being a photographer is that you're seldom on the other side of the lens.

Angelya over at Revive and Rejuvenate has come up with another Challenge that I, as a Photographer and self-styled Visual Artist, am very excited about. It's IntPiPoMo, or International Picture Posting Month. As a picture is worth 1,000 words, the goal for this challenge is to post 50 pictures during the month of November. I will be posting 25 Images of Azeroth and 25 photographs or art projects that I have been working on personally (and no baby photos, sorry ladies). As well, I will be posting commentary and context with each image.

Please note that all World of Warcraft screenshots are copyright Blizzard Entertainment. The photographs are copyright Brad Stover and should not be reused without permission..


  1. Fannon, omg. That pic in Kezan... I swear all those things I miss I am glad you are there to capture them. You've made that filthy town look beautiful.

  2. I like the fedora! I love putting faces to names so thank you for posting a picture of yourself :)

  3. Wait, wait, wait...you're not a dwarf, with a big bushy beard IRL? Consider my mind blown.

  4. I've never, ever, played or tempted myself to have a glimpse at the Goblin starting area (Don't do spoilers). However this shot makes me think of a ghost town, probably with some zombies wondering around XD

    - Jamin

  5. @Navimie: The images that I've been posting haven't really shown it, but I have a weak spot for rundown or shabby industrial architecture, and Kezan has plenty of that. I find it beautiful in a very specific way.

    @Aralosseien: I don't wear it as much as I used to, but the Fedora used to be my signature look. I even wore one during my wedding.

    @Endyme: It's the camera angle; it makes me look taller.

    @Jamin: LOL, I haven't had a chance to play through it yet either. That pool is literally right next to where you zone in as a new goblin character, so I haven't got very far in the zone at all.