Images of Azeroth: 50,000 Words (40/50)

Surwich, Blasted Lands (By Request)
I asked on Twitter for requests for Images of Azeroth. Relysh mentioned the spooky woods in the southern Blasted Lands by Surwich. This is a neat place, nestled in between the steamy jungles of Stranglethorn and the scortched, barren Blasted Lands (right next to the rather odd Murloc slave labour camp). I love the aesthetic of the Gilnean areas, they have such a great, creepy, horror-movie atmosphere. This is a 360 degree panorama and was quite the pain to put together: The water, being essentially featureless, confused the hell out of my photostitch software (PTGui) forcing me to manually blend in clouds to fill in some gaps. And just for the hell of it, I added a bit more glow to the moon to up the eerieness factor a bit.


This is another wedding image, of which you'll be seeing a fair bit of over the remainder of the challenge. I worked as a professional photographer for five years and made a living off of photographing weddings, which formed the bulk of what I was shooting at the time. I like to think that I had a unique style. One aspect of the wedding that most photographers never pay quite enough attention to is the groom, and so I always like to make sure that I did something special for them. I always saved my most dramatic locations and lighting for photos of the guys. This one was taken under a rather run down bridge, and has a certain shabby chic that really appeals to me, especially when contrasted to the rest of the album, which had a certain ethereal wispiness to it.

Oh my, listen to me talkin' all artsy-like. Golly.

Angelya over at Revive and Rejuvenate has come up with another Challenge that I, as a Photographer and self-styled Visual Artist, am very excited about. It's IntPiPoMo, or International Picture Posting Month. As a picture is worth 1,000 words, the goal for this challenge is to post 50 pictures during the month of November. I will be posting 25 Images of Azeroth and 25 photographs or art projects that I have been working on personally (and no baby photos, sorry ladies). As well, I will be posting commentary and context with each image.

Please note that all World of Warcraft screenshots are copyright Blizzard Entertainment. The photographs are copyright Brad Stover and should not be reused without permission..


  1. Was such a surprise when I encountered the expansion in the Blasted Lands, with Cataclysm. Can't beat the Worgen sub-sections :)

    - Jamin

  2. I was surprised to find it too - thanks for taking this, Fannon! :D