This Week in Raiding: Green Bay Wipes Us

This Week in Raiding is a (hopefully) weekly feature discussing the raiding encounters that my guild tackled this week, the lessons learned from them, as well as any news or thoughts on raiding in general. This week I complain about things. Enjoy!

This week in raiding... was cancelled. Apparently last Sunday there was an important broadcast of some sort coming from the telly that had a lot of our raiders transfixed. I'm not exactly sure of the nature of this broadcast, but from what I have gathered so far, I think it was a new episode of World's Funniest TV Commercials, since that seems to be all anybody was talking about afterwards. However, there was a lot of buzz on Twitter about a rather grandiose soup bowl of some sort, so that might bear some investigation as well.

Seriously, though, our Sunday night raid did not go off as planned due to some, err, unannounced absences due to the Superbowl. Oh well, I did my heroic and a couple of dailies and spent some time with my wife. It worked out well, really.

Monday night our regular raiders returned, acting all innocent and, "Waddaya mean yesterday was raid night?" It proved to be an interesting night.

Our biggest nemesis (aside from the elevator, which has wiped us more times than Arthas) was lag. The connection was terrible on Monday night, which likely had something to do with the 4.0.6 patch being downloaded. I noticed multiple occasions where my screen would freeze for a couple of seconds and then race to catch up with me. It's very interesting trying to heal when you're watching a photograph instead of a movie.

In the end we did manage to get our three Blackwing Descent bosses down in the one night. Magmaw actually took us a great deal more time that I would have expected. The lag was causing massive problems mounting him and getting the chains attached properly, resulting in numerous wipes on a boss that I thought we had cased. In one rather unique wipe, I accidentally clicked on Magmaw during the chaining phase and ended up on his back. I was surprised, to say the least, and tried my best to get him chained down, but the tank ended up becoming worm munchies and we called the attempt.

Tuesday morning I had quite a few people hit my blog after searching for "Problems Mounting Magmaw" on Google, so I don't think we were the only ones having this issue. I suspect that this is a temporary issue, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

On we went to Omnotron, who was one-shot. I know, I was surprised too.

Maloriak gave us a bit of trouble, but we ended up getting him down on our last attempt of the night. What is the magic of saying, "This is the last attempt of the night"? Is it just me, or does it seem like as soon as that phrase is uttered your odds of downing the boss get better? It's like searching for hours for your car keys and giving up, grabbing a beer from the fridge, going back to the couch and sitting on them.

Afterwards, I pugged a last minute Baradin Hold run with Oath, our main tank. Pit Lord Lootbag dropped my Holy tier gloves, which represented the first raid loot for my holy spec that I've seen in the month that I've been raiding. It was very exciting. Or rather, it would have been if I didn't already have the World Keepers Gauntlets from Earthen Ring already. You know, Argaloth, I could have used those pants that you have on you somewhere. Those would have been very helpful, thankyouverymuch. I'll save the tier gloves, of course, until I have another piece of tier gear. If Omnotron Maloriak drops the Flash Freeze Gauntlets next week I think I'll cry.

How was your raiding weekend? Did the Superbowl or the lag cause you any issues?


  1. The last attempt trick usually works for my guild. Our GM has this special trick I like to call the "TEN MINUTE INSPIRATIONAL SPEECH". When both are combined, we cannot fail!

    P.S. It really is like 10 minutes.

  2. "Last attempt, then we'll call it. So sick of this." are the magic words for our guild. Nice writing style, you're very amusing! :D

  3. There is serious magic in 'this is the last attempt tonight'. It always astonishes our raid leader, Fishtacos. I do not mess with that mojo and try to analyze it :) Our first attempt on Omintron this week was magic, as well. New raid group make up. He said, "we'll wipe on this a few times and get it" (we'd worked on it earlier in the week) and brought them down on the first try. It was crazy. I was tunnel visioned at the last, the damage was intense then vent exploded with a whoop! I blinked and said, they are dead? Hehe.

    We also had lag on Magmaw and trouble bringing that damn lava worm down. Ugh.

    Worked on learning the fight last night for Malorik. Damn adds!!!!

    And my vote? The Darth Vader commercial was the best for the bowl. :) We didn't raid that night either.

  4. I wish those were magic words for the guild I'm in. We unfortunately are unable to down any bosses as of yet, and by the time those words are uttered everyone is ready to give up which leads to a quicker wipe.

    My guild is currently having issues with raiders showing up consistently (who are wives of our main raiders), but they are doing horrible DPS or horrible HPS. I am a Holy Pally who is not to well geared, but I am literally healing 2x as much as our resto shaman (like seriously double!). It's hard to get to the point of serious raiding like our guild leader wants when 2 to 3 raiders are not pulling their wieght at all, but they show up consistently.

    I love raiding, but I'm already about to call quits! Any advice?

    And are resto shamans that gimped that I should out-heal them by that much with same iLvL gear?

  5. Gneisha: LOL at the 10 minute speeches!

    Zhiana: Thank you, I'm glad that you're enjoying the blog. Did you enjoy the Archaeology post?

    Ttrinity: Of course, never say "Oh, this guy is easy... we'll one-shot it" because you're pretty much screwed for the rest of the night.

    And the Darth Vader commercial was funny. VW actually released outtakes & deleted scenes for that, too.

    Mstrkrft: I'm sorry to hear that your guild is struggling. I would like to offer you some advice, but I think it would be beyond what I can do in a comment response. Look for a new article in the next couple of days that answers this question. Hopefully I can help you out.

  6. Omg, I didn't even see it! Going to stalk your blog and read it, brb.