Images of Azeroth #3

Pines in Tol Barad during the rain.

The Sand Dunes of Uldum

The Red Dragonflight

The Zeppelin

Click on the images for a larger view.


  1. That Uldum one is just stunning! It's my favourite of all the new areas, followed very closely by Vashj'ir.

  2. @Aoife: Thanks!

    @Zhiana: Yah, Uldum is a cool looking zone, and it's just gold for really great screenshots. I actually had to turn down my viewing distance on that one so that I could get the obscured, 'blowing-sand' look for the background. It also got rid of the mobs that were standing on the dune, completely ruining my shot. :)

  3. Pretty! Sadly I can't play with my settings very high because I'm using a Dell from Walmart that's 4 years old (>.<) but we're in the process of slowly building a new one :D

    Can't wait to see Azeroth in all its glory - and shadows! I can't wait for shadows!