Level One Conversations in the Blogosphere

I did a post a couple of weeks ago, An Intimate Conversation with My Level One Self, which turned out to be quite a hit.  It has become one of my most viewed posts and has inspired a few other bloggers to jump on the idea (which, again, was in itself inspired by WoW Insider's Breakfast Topic a long time ago), and there have been some really interesting posts as a result.

It's an incredibly gratifying feeling to have inspired someone else to write something (even if I, in turn, was inspired by someone else's writing), and it truly has been a thrill reading each one as I find them.

Here are links to the ones that I know about.  I will keep this updated as I find more of them.

  • Gneisha at Unleashed Rage, a fellow Sargeras-er was a little late to the party but still very welcome: Dear Level 1 Gneisha.

If you have done a similar post or know of one that I haven't included, let me know in the comments and I'll add it here.


  1. Hmmm. What would I say to myself. I shall ponder doing that again. OMG I was so noob when I started. SO NOOB!

  2. LOL, I've found that the one recurring theme with all these posts is that everyone was a hideous shade of n00b green when they started and don't worry about it because it fades with time.

    If you do write one, please send me the link!