An Intimate Conversation with my Level 1 Self

There was an interesting Breakfast Topic posted over at wowinsider a while ago.  The questions was, "What Would You Tell Your Level 1 Self?"  I posted this in my guild forums, but I thought I would share it with the blogosphere as well.

Personally, I would take my new and shiny level 1 and take him into Anvilmar, sit him in front of the fire and have a long talk with him.  The Thunderbrew Ale would flow freely and the conversation would touch on many things, lasting far into the night.  We'd cover such topics as…

- “Youngling, log out and delete your hunter.  Just… just do it.  Having a dwarf with a gun is not nearly as cool as you think it’s going to be. You are really going to enjoy healing.  Seriously, DPS is for suckers.  Go get yourself a Priest or a Pally and thank me later”

- “Same thing goes for a Gnome Warrior.  The thought of a Gnome in 2 tons of armor is funny, but it’s gonna get old.  Oh, and Tailoring seriously is a stupid idea for a warrior. Really.  You can buy all the bags you want on the auction house.”

- “Don’t be scared of dungeons and groups.  Yes you’re new and have no idea what you’re doing, but everyone else was there at one point.  You’re going to make mistakes and you’ll embarrass yourself occasionally, but you’ll learn faster and there are lots of people who will be willing to help you out.  This ain’t a single player game, buddy”

- “Kill any horde rogue on sight. Kill the Alliance ones too if you can figure out how.  You will learn that there is an extra-burny place in hell for rogues.”

- “WOW is fun when you play it drunk.  Do this often.”

- “Oh, that thing you told your wife about not letting yourself get addicted to this game… yaaaaah… you’re wrong.  You might as well apologize to her now and get it over with.  And she will never play it with you, so don’t bother trying.”

I’m sure it would end up with both of us drunk, singing Dwarven drinking songs in front of the fire.  I would not want to be either of me the next morning.

What would you tell your Level 1 self if you could go back?


  1. Level 1 Self: I love you dearly..now...but you will have more 'friends' in the future. I'll call them alts and say they are for professions but some day, aye, verily, the status will most likely switch. You will become an alt and another will resume your duties. Don't be troubled. You have good professions. I will keep you.

  2. Got to say. Pretty funny post XD

    However. holds some rather interesting points as well. May do somehting like this myself in the future,


  3. Funny. My wife started playing wow 2 months after I did ...

  4. Hey level 1 self... reroll a prot pally.
    Why go through the trouble of speccing your pet to tank and all the tedium of placement with eyes of the beast, research on which pets have what percentage armor, and figuring out how to keep your pet alive while it spends 3 minutes building up aggro so that you can fire two shots and finish the monster off when you can do it yourself better and kill more than one thing at a time?
    Also call your mother!