Battle Medic is on Twitter

I have finally given in and joined Twitter.

If you haven't hear of Twitter yet, then you are likely living on a different planet.  It seems to be everywhere.  It's like a little clique that constantly tells you that you're not cool if you're not part of it.

I admit that I have avoided joining or even paying attention to Twitter for the longest time.  I did understand what it was - 140 characters to tell the world what you're up to - but I admit that I really didn't see the point or understand what people used it for.  I figured that there would be far more "I just ate a bannana" type posts.

But after reading a post on Disciplinary Action talking about using Twitter to help people know when the blog has a new post up, I figured I would give it a try.

Now I understand why people consider this equivilent to cocaine.  It's very hard to see the little Tweet indicator and not check it.  It's a compulsion.  I need to know who is eating that banana.

Anyway, please feel free to follow me on Twitter.


  1. The best thing about WoW twitter? Fel Bananas.

    (No, really! They don't hurt A BIT. Just try one!)

    (Welcome to Twitter!)

  2. I have a Fel Banana dealer on my block who tried the same line on me. "Hey man, you'll like 'em... and the first one is free". Sheer Evil.

    Twitter has been interesting so far. It almost seems easier to vomit 1500 words onto the page than to encapsulate a single thought in 140 characters.