Crit by Real Life

There hasn't been much activity on Battle Medic recently, as I'm sure my more dedicated readers (both of you) will have noticed. Real Life has been taking it's toll over the past few weeks, leaving very little time to get into the mental space I need to actually get some writing done.

On the other hand, I have been able to play a lot the past ten days - gorging myself on the game while my wife and the Dwarfling are away visiting family. I have a bunch of new topics that I want to write about, several posts that are sitting half-completed and a dizzying number of projects that are drifting through limbo.

I haven't forgotten the blog, nor have I abandoned it. New posts are coming.


  1. I admit, I laughed at the "all two of you," part. I'm sure more than 2 people read your blog, Fannon!

    Keep your eyes peeled, you may have an e-mail coming from Ophelie and I with a special invitation for you.


  2. I was referring to the dedicated, drooling Battle Medic fanboy-types - and there are only two of those that I know of. These are the two people who were so blinded by my *ahem* "Blogging Celebrity" status that they overlooked my obvious deficiencies and not only recruited me into their guild, but gave me a spot on their Raid Team. :)

    I kid, of course. I kid because I love. Mylindara and Gneisha don't actually drool. :)

  3. Don't worry, we wont be removing you from our blog reading lists any time soon!

    Stay strong, keep chugging through!

    - Jamin

  4. LOL Fannon, I'm sure you have more fans than you think! Looking forward to more reading when you have time to write.

  5. It's interesting to read the Progression of your life from no children and gaming with a non-gaming spouse in the household ----> now with in infant, working, participating in the child handoff as you walk in the door, house in a perpetual child made disaster ( and it WILL get worse ) to finding blogging and gaming a rare treasure now. That's been my exact life for 12 years now and I watch your progression with a mix of intense humor and empathy. My gaming has cut down significantly and after we clean the house , in a period of 10 mins, the 2 kids come through in a whirlwind of toys, fIghting and food and destroy the place. Much love to all gaming parents out there.

  6. I've definitely drooled in my sleep plenty of times. I'm not ashamed >:3