Stockholm Syndrome

I play on a very old, very full and very busy server.  It's not really surprising that there are queues to get in after a major expansion or content patch.  This time around it's been awful, however.  2000 people ahead of me in the queue and an hour wait or more is not uncommon.

What surprises me though is after sitting and staring at the login screen for that long, Deathwing is actually starting to look really cute and adorable.


  1. I'd never even imagined a server could be that backed up, even with the expansion launch. The busiest server I've ever been on had wait times to start dungeons and I bailed on that server in short order. I just don't have the patience to sit around waiting.

  2. Hi Soul, welcome to the blog. Thanks for checking it out.

    Sargeras has been extremely bad for the last week. Prime time is hideous. On Wednesday evening I watched the entire 4th season of The Guild while I was waiting to get on.

    Of course, one of the reasons that the servers are so full right now is that there are a lot of returning players checking out Cataclysm and the new 1-60 experience. This is a great thing for the game, and it's a more exciting world when it's busy.

    Still, I want the queues to go away now, please. :)