Last night I did the last half of level 84 and got the Ding! that everyone looks forward to most.  Thosif is now at the level cap with a 323 iLvl; just about ready to enter heroics.  I completed three dungeons to get the final 6 bars of XP, two Vortex Pinnacles and half of a Stonecore run.  All of them went very smoothly, setting myself up for the inevitable shock that I'm sure I will experience when I start focusing on the harder dungeons.  I was hoping to get Grim Batol or Lost City of the Tol'vir, neither of which I have seen before.  But no, the random dungeon finder had other ideas.  At least it put me together with three amazing groups.

Disco Stu has come to heal you!
Of course, level 85 as a Paladin means that you are going to be looking at this guy on the left an awful lot, Guardian of the Ancient Kings.  I think this spell has a lot of promise, and I'm really looking forward to trying it out.  But wow... Blizzard sure made this guy look stupid.  I guess they feel that Paladins need to have more wings than anyone else.

I still need to finish questing in order to get my faction Reputations to where they need to be.  Earthen Ring is my priority, as they have some really nice things for Holy Paladins.  So that means that I'm heading back to Vashj'ir, which I did only enough of to get my seahorse mount and find the entrance to Throne of the Tides.  It's ironic that after I hit the level cap the first thing I do is go to the starter zones.

Really... I can't even look at this guy.  He had better be worth it.


  1. Oh! BTW- I've been working on a post specifically regarding our guardian! Although, it's not what really a helpful how-to, so much as just silly. :)

  2. Thanks, Janyaa. I look forward to reading your post on our Golden Glitter-boy here. I think that he deserves a little bit of ridicule.

  3. Yaaay, congrats! The guardian is a pretty scary looking dude... I think I'd keep trying to target him all the time!

  4. Scary in a fashion sense, perhaps. I really don't know how the designers at Blizzard, who normally do a really excellent job, looked at this and said "Yeah, that looks good". And then there is the noise. He grunts every time I cast a spell. Thank goodness that he only lasts for 30 seconds at a time.