Day One: Thunderbrew Distillery

My Dearest Thallie,

I write this letter having just left yeh and our dwarfling behind to yet again head off to war.

I'm sittin' in front o' the roarin' fire at the Thunderbrew Distillery an' I canna help but think back to when we first met here. Aye, lass, ye were such a pretty thing - an' too full a' spirit fer me ta take me eye off of!

I've always found it hard to tell ye the things that're on me mind. At th' end o' the day I just want to sit next to the fire, my feet up and surrounded by a cloud o' pipe smoke an' remain lost in me own thoughts. Sometimes I wonder if tha's bein' unfair to ye.

I dunna know when I'm goin' te be back ta see yeh or our daughter again, but I'll try to scribble a few words to yeh as oft'n as I can spare, an' I'll send ye a drawin' with each letter to show ye where I am an' that I'm thinkin' of ye.

I'm certain that I'll find myself in many-a different inn or tavern throughout m' travels, but the snap o' burnin' logs an' the smell a' roastin' meat will always bring me mind back to thoughts a' hearth an' home. From wha' I can gather from the tales being told 'round the fire, the slopes o' Hyjal are beautiful an' deadly, but the snow covered mountains o' Dun Morogh are where me heart lies, an' already I long for the day when we can once more sit together at the Thunderbrew an' share the simple pleasures of a foamy mug o' malt.

Dun Morogh.

This post marks the beginning of Through Your Interface. A screenshot oriented blogging challenge put forth by Saz of World of Saz. As I never like to do things the easy way or the same way as everyone else, I am putting a unique spin on my screenshots: They will take the form of sketches and be accompanied by letters - written in character - from my Dwarf priest Fannon to his wife Thallie, and will tell the story of his personal journey through the dangers of Azeroth.

In our first installment, Fannon writes from his favourite place to spend time, which is - not surprisingly - associated with alcohol.



  1. Aww, Fannon, this is lovely! I'm excited to see how the story unfolds.

  2. You've got a good eye for a good story !

  3. I may have to copy you. I love fiction writing!

  4. Fannon, I absolutely LOVE your spin on this challenge. I cannot wait to read the rest!

  5. Oh this is just AWESOME. I'm so sad I didn't think to do it this way, but I'm delighted to read dwarfletters!

  6. Very nice Fannon! <3 Keep it up!

  7. Creativity at it's best.

    Going to go look at No.2 now,

    - Jamin

  8. /squee!

    You rock, Fannon. Love this. =D