Images of Azeroth - May 2011

Leaves of Tol Barad Penninsula

The Great Titan City of Ulduar

A Lake on Azuremyst Island

King Magni Entombed in Old Ironforge

Click to enlarge, as always. Comments are always appreciated!


  1. Great post Fannon. Great images. I love exploring and these images show why. I think it can be really easy to forget just how beautiful Azeroth can look - hopefully your images will get a few people to go out and just look around and explore.

    I do have to admit, however, that your first pic shows the ONE thing that drives me crazy about Azeroth. To me the leaves just look ridiculous. The fact that the branches are so two dimensional can really kill it for me sometimes. I wish Blizz had addressed this in Cataclysm.

    Anywhos, great post and great pics!

  2. Lovely pictures, Fannon. Calling these screenshots seems like an insult. I take screenshots; you take photos!

  3. Always such great photos! (as Janyaa says, these are NOT just screenshots!) You should make an album....

  4. @Bangkok Bill: Thanks for the kind words, Bill - not only here, but on your own blog and elsewhere as well!

    The leaves on the trees in the game have always bugged me too, especially when you see the trees from above. I understand why they did it that way, and they look better than some other games that I've seen, but you're right, it doesn't always look good.

    The trees of Tol Barad are probably the nicest in the game, however. And the reason that I like this particular photo is that even the two dimensional branch still looks pretty decent (considering leaves are quite flat in reality).

    @Janyaa: Awww, you're always too nice to me. Thank you.

    @Aoife: I likely will do a gallery page at some point. As of now, though, if you click on the Images of Azeroth tag you can access all 5 of the posts.

  5. Very cool, Fannon. Great post and great pics.

    Sometimes when you've got your head down killing mobs or farming you lose sight of the amount of effort that was put into this game. It's nice to take a minute and enjoy it once in a while because there are some really stunning views out there.

    Also, those of us who've been around a while have a new opportunity to appreciate what's out there thanks to the redesign of the Old World and the fact that we can fly over it. I got my "Explorer" title pre-Cataclysm, but I'm using Archaeology as an excuse to rediscover everything and I'm enjoying every minute of it.