Next Up: Heroics

A few normal dungeon runs tonight and Thosif is now eligible to queue for Heroic dungeons.  Well, barely able to queue.  I am at 329 exactly and had to cheat a little to get that.  I have two ilvl 333 items that have +Hit on them, and PVP Ornate Pyrium Gauntlets that put me over the top.  The gauntlets, while they have a lot of useless Resilience, are still a major upgrade to the Stormhammer Gauntlets that I was wearing before.

This is why I love the Reforging concept so much.  Reforging allows you not only to optimize gear, but to turn a piece that is an absolute upgrade in all ways but one into something useful.  The flexibility is greatly appreciated by this Holy Paladin.  Using the gauntlets as an example:  They come with Int and +140 haste.  I reforged the haste into spirit and then enchanted the gloves to give back +50 haste.  The net result is 56 Spirit and 134 Haste.  An effective compromise.

Ophelie has a great article about reforging for Holy Paladins over at Bossy Pally.  As well, Kurn has put out the definitive list of pre-raid gear for Holy Paladins.

My gearing strategy has been to emphasize Spirit and Haste over Crit and Mastery.   Any item that is missing either of those two stats is getting reforged, if possible.  I am tending to lean towards putting spirit on first over haste for the extra regeneration and I think my mana longevity is good so far. 

The bosses on the normal modes have been much, much easier than I thought they were going to be.  I have been jumping into the dungeons without a great deal of prep work beforehand, and it hasn't really mattered yet.  Some of the mechanics are important (like the Upwind buff on Altarius and Grounding Field on Assad in Vortex Pinnacle), but the trash is way more dangerous than the bosses if it's pulled wrong.  I have yet to wipe on a boss fight on normal; all my wipes have come to bad or accidental pulls on the trash packs.  I'm sure its worse on heroic, and I'll find that out first hand tomorrow.

Fannon’s Tip of The Day:  Once you are at the level cap you can change the XP bar to show a Faction’s Reputation so that you can keep track of it as you're grinding.  To enable this, go to your Reputation Tab (default Hotkey is U) and click on the Reputation you want to track.  This pops up a box with a couple of checkboxes, one of which is Show as Experience Bar.  Check the box and you’ll have a Reputation Bar on the bottom showing you how much rep you need to get to the next tier.

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