The Expansion Gold Mine

This is the first expansion that I’ve been through where I have been at level cap and ready to go at release, and there are a lot of things that are quite different than any other time.  The crowds, for example.  There are more players in one area than I’ve ever seen before.  Hjyal was just swarming with players from both sides when I played through it.  It was hard to click on anything without accidentally attacking someone from the opposite factions.  Most quest givers were a nightmare for that… assuming that they didn’t have four or five people sitting on top of them on their gigantic flying mounts so that you couldn’t even see them much less click on them.

And then there is the money.  Oh my… the money is goooood.

I’ve never been very good at handling my virtual money, and I certainly wouldn’t call myself an auction house star or anything, but this is a once in an expansion opportunity to seriously rake in some gold.  While I'm not doing any dedicated farming or anything, I'm very happy with the amount of money that I've managed to get so far. 

During my leveling I have been trying to grab every single mining node that I can find to sell on the auction house.  The ore, volatiles and cloth that drops off the mobs have been raking in a very tidy sum for me without any large effort.  The volatiles hardly sit on the AH for more than a few minutes before they’re sold.  As well, the smelted Obsidium and Elementium bars are generating approximately 25% more than the raw ore does.  And some of the Blue BOEs that have dropped off in the dungeons have netted me a very nice chunk of change as well.  Except the Toxidunk Dagger… is that not the most common blue in the game or what?

How are you doing on the AH with the expansion?  Have you found a great market niche that is making you a ton of money that you’re willing to share?  Or are you a buyer trying to get your crafting skills maxed as soon as possible?

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