I logged in late Monday night to grab a couple of screenshots for a post I am working on, and as I am flying through the Western Plaguelands I see this:

He's comin' right for us!

All I can say is: FINALLY! I have been waiting for that stupid dragon to kill me for months now! I think he's been avoiding me, frankly. Our relationship has been a little bit strained ever since that party a couple of years ago where we both got completely drunk and he kept bragging on about how he was going to destroy the world - and when I told him he was full of shit he stormed around the room, flailing his arms and breaking furniture and saying how he was the freakin' Aspect of Death and how he'd show us all. Nobody really took him all that seriously due to his spotty, teen-age moustache and the purple Kylie Minogue T-Shirt he was wearing, but eventually he passed out and his girlfriend Sheila dragged him by the ankle to her mom's Buick.

OK, that actually didn't happen.

But, yay! Achievement!


  1. aye the first of many kills from our favorite dragon to hate...when we face off with him at the end of the expansion....there shall be more deaths...many more :P

  2. ROFLMAO! Lylie Minogue T!!! XD
    Gratz to you, personally, I think this whole Deathwing thing is a myth. I never seen him. I think it was just created by the wee people of azeroth to explain a natural shift in the magnetic poles of the planet......I never seen him!!!!

  3. I am SO fricken jealous! I still haven't gotten that damn achievement, and I've even tried to log over to Janyaa and get to the correct zone before.

    Grats, Fannon!