Day Sixteen: What I Miss Post-Cataclysm

This post is part of a series "20 Days of... WoW Blogging Challenge", a blogging challenge suggested by Saga at Spellbound. She proposes twenty questions to be answered in twenty days and I, foolishly, have decided to take up this most daunting task because clearly my schedule is not full enough.

There is no past that we can bring back by longing for it.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Today's topic comes and an opportune moment, actually, because I've been longing for a pre-Cataclysm feature lately.

I really wish Blizzard had left the 25-man and 10-man raid lockouts separate.

Now don't misunderstand me; for the most part, I am a huge fan of the Raid Lockout system that is in place now. While things may get a little bizarre when Heroic modes are thrown into the mix, on the whole the Lockout system is a marvel of simplicity and flexibility. And I love that both raid sizes give the same quality of gear as it ensures that 10-man raiders are not second class citizens.

But it would be nice to be able to do run both sizes in a week if you wanted to.

I am running into a peculiar problem right at the moment that being able to run a second raid lockout during a week would help solve. I have been raiding twice a week for almost 4 months now, am 9/12 and yet my gear still sucks. Apparently my luck with gear drops was a feature that was nerfed in 4.0.

Back in Wrath I could have ran a 25 man raid to try and get another shot at gear but with a single lockout system, I'm stuck at waiting until next week for a chance at a drop. For all the flexibility that the Cataclysm system gives us, this feels very restrictive.

In my opinion, with a Valor Point cap and no difference in the gear being dropped, there is very little point in having the lockouts tied together. The reason behind the change was that Blizzard did not want people to feel they needed to do both, but all they have accomplished is taking away the possibility for people who want to run both. And in doing so they have unnecessarily slowed down the gearing progression.

Oh, on a slightly unrelated note: what's with all the Holy Paladin gear being on the really hard bosses? A Retribution Paladin gets his bracers off of Omnotron - which once you figure out is a piece of cake - and a Holy Paladin has to kill freakin' Cho'gall to get his. I think Blizzard really does hate healers.



  1. You know the thought strikes me that if Blizz did away with the 25 man mode for raids, and did strictly 10 man content, would people complain as much? I mean, sure you're always going to have that contingent that demands we bring back 25/40 mans, and there'll be lots of griping when it was first announced, but I think most would get over it AND it would simplify things.

    Then again, history has shown I'm overly optimistic about people.

  2. You are right about loot drops. In 10 man the chances of getting your items seems significantly worse than in 25.
    In 14 weeks we have seen Security Measure Alpha drop just once in our raids - once! Blizzard reckons it has a 25-50% drop chance. Sure; 14 weeks, Blizzard, one drop... (yes I still want it!).