Now Appearing on The Double O Podcast...

Last Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure to appear on The Double O Podcast. The lovely and talented hosts, Ophelie and Oestrus interviewed me, along with Ceraphus, Hydrawr and StineErino on the subject of balancing the two highly incompatible roles of being a Parent and a Gamer.

I gotta admit, I was really nervous before we started recording. Having never done a Podcast, or been interviewed for anything other than a job before, I wasn't sure how I was going to respond. I was really worried that I would stammer and ramble and not make a whole lot of sense. But the two gorgeous Ladies of the Spherical Letter made me feel right at home as soon as we started and the recording went very smoothly. I had a lot of fun doing it.

Oestrus asked me a very interesting and thought provoking question during our chat, and even though I was expecting the question I don't think the answer that I gave was as deep or as thorough as I would have liked. She asked me how my identity as a blogger changed as I became known as the Dwarfling's father rather than as a player. Listen to the podcast for the answer I gave, but I think that is a topic that I want to explore in a little more depth with a proper Battle Medic post at some point.

As well, in the Podcast I mention a post that I wrote just before the Dwarfling was born, Coping with Limited Play Time and Lofty Goals that you can read here.

Check out the latest episode at The Double O Podcast website, or download it on iTunes like I did. I'll be listening to it on my drive home tonight. I've got my fingers crossed that I don't sound like a dork.

Daddy, you aren't seriously killing Internet Dragons instead of
playing with me, are you?

Did you at least get some loot that I can chew on?





  2. D'aww, that picture is too precious for words. I wouldn't be able to log in to the game or anything else, if I had that cute little face looking up at me.

    It was really lovely having you on the show and I think you sounded great. Thanks again, Fannon!

  3. Before reading your post, I caught a glimpse of the included image. I auto-scrolled down. So this must be the one they call the "Dwarfling Spawn". SO CUTE! Beautiful baby with those big eyes XD

    Anyway.. To the post..

    Congrats on being invited to your first podcast! I can imagine how you felt. Whether I get a chance to listen to it or not, I'm sure it was/will be an interesting piece of audio.

    Look forward to the incoming post,

    - Jamin