Images of Azeroth - The Outlands: Part 1

The stark desolation surrounding Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula.

Looking over the edge of the world in Terrokar Forest.

The Elemental Plateau in Nagrand, probably one of the most
beautiful places in the entire World of Warcraft.

A 360-degree panorama of the Terrokar treetops at Sunset. I think this is one
of my favourite Images of Azeroth landscapes of all time.

As always, click the images to embiggen.



  1. Awesome shots, Fannon! There are some really rich, high-contrast areas in Outlands. Big fan.

  2. Fantastic shots. Especially the one from Nagrand!

    Also, Terrokar looks like a shot from a film/documentary XD

    - Jamin

  3. Love those Terrokar ones Fannon.

  4. Gorgeous as usual! That area of Terrokar has always been awesome but I've never been able to capture it properly in a screenie.. your wide-angle technique suits it well :)

  5. I don't suppose you have any larger versions? I'd love some of these as a desktop background but wouldn't want to ruin them by stretching them.

  6. Thank you all for your comments!

    @Katherine: I do have larger versions of all of these. I'd be happy to make a desktop version of one of these for you. Send me an email at dwarvenbattlemedic.rocketmail.com and let me know which one you want and what size your desktop is.

  7. These are ABSOLUTELY beautiful.

    A poster (Cthulu, IIRC) on the MMOCHamp forums took loads of these, then one day suddenly edited all his posts and removed the lot. So bummed I didn't save them all.

    The lighted tree islands surrounding Terokkar are a stunning sight - one of my earliest blog entries and still one of my favourites.

    Makes me wish sometimes that I could walk around Azeroth as a newcomer again. When the young Rioriel first encountered Dalaran in Hillsbrad Foothills, my mind was blown away.

    It's a violent world, but there's still beauty (I'll take care of you if you take care of me).

    Loves to you, Mrs Fannon and the Dwarfling! <3

    ~Rio xx