The Dwarfling: The Cutest Dungeon Group Ever

What do you get when five people in the World of Warcraft Twitter and Blogging community all have babies in a short space of time? Why, the cutest dungeon group in the world, of course!

Nymphy, one of the writers of D/E the Tank has written up a breakdown of our little 5-man boss-stomping band of adorableness. I think out of all of the readers of Battle Medic and Dear Dwarfling she is the Dwarfling's biggest fan, and tends to squee louder than anyone when I publish a new Dwarfling post. I think that these two-foot tall dungeon runners are in good hands with Nymphy chronicling their adventures!

Check out Nymphy's post where she breaks down their classes and roles in such a way as to absolutely melt even Frost Lord Ahune's heart. Vestments of Transcendent Cuteness, indeed!

Cutest Little Babies in the World (of Warcraft)

Be glad she's a healer and not a DPS, because her cuteness crits every time.


  1. Aww! I love it! :) She is truly a writing inspiration along with all the other little 'Lings. I am proud to be her biggest fan. :) Thanks so much again for letting me use her.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Fannon! I went over to look at Ange's baby and didn't realise you were one of the parents of the cutest 5 man ever!