Secret Santa: The Fellowship of Gamers

Happy Holidays from Thespius, over at Healer By Nature! As a recent transplant into the Star Wars universe, and also as a WoW player for 5 years, I thought it would be great to remind everyone that we're all gamers with a passion for what we do. Especially those of us that blog, read, podcast, or more!

I sincerely hope your holiday season grants you lots of love and happiness with family and friends, be they in person or in game! I wish the Blessing of Kings on you and yours. Bond with nature; be bestowed with the Mark of the Wild. Let the Earth Shield you from harm and negativity. Look to the new year with Fortitude and Grace! Look to your friends in times of need as they offer you a Hand of Protection. For the spiritual, sing your Divine Hymn to those you believe in, and find Tranquility in that Hymn of Hope. Swallow your pride, find Penance, enabling your Ancestral Awakening and Redemption. And finally, from the home of the Dwarven Battle Medic, let the Healing Rain down on your allies! And...umm.... Power Word: Barrier..... Let us all...

This post is part of the Blog Azeroth Furtive Father Winter event where bloggers exchange holiday themed posts in a Secret Santa-style, RNG-determined blog ring. My gift-giver, I was delighted to discover, is Thespius of the blog Healer by Nature. I have heard a lot about Thespius in my many conversations with his WoW guildmate, Opehlie, and am very happy to publish his gift post this holiday season on Battle Medic! Thanks, Thespius!

You can read the article that I wrote for Akabeko at Red Cow Rise entitled One Winter's Veil Morning...


  1. Nicely said. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  2. I love this! My husband can't figure out where the C came from and it's bothering him. Hehehe. YAY :)

    Happy Christmas :)

  3. Love the conference room scene the most. The company logo SC for Santa Claus in the background as they discuss canning the elves in favor of the illegal, cheaper, work force of Ewoks is great.

    This has to be in higher end corporate training video collection somewhere. Cutting costs.... wait! What happened to the customer service and quality assurance program on the goods delivered. Profits start tanking like a drunken feral bear holding aggro with broken keybindings on a Heroic mode boss.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Winter's Veil.

    Thank you Thespius for to buffed blessing of the season.

  4. This is great! I've always loved the other version of the coexist poster, but as a nerd I am particularly fond of the gamer version ;)

  5. I also love it! It's an awesome gift :) I love that coexist :) so nerdy!

  6. Fannon,

    I sent you an email. I hope it doesn't get eaten by the spam monster!