Zero to Wealthy in 85 Easy Levels

These days is really easy to get a new Alt started, and there are various strategies on how to get a quick start in terms of money and gear. Just recently, Big Bear Butt posted a guide for getting a great head-start on money when starting up on a new server. Starting from nothing, on the other hand, is rarely done any longer.

Rades over at Orcish Army Knife took up this challenge recently, and has inspired me to do the same.

I chose to create my new money-grubbing alt on Azuremyst, Alliance side, so that I could hang out with the Eff the Ineffable folks while I was playing. Naturally, I rolled a Dwarf Paladin and named him Fannon. Finally, my blog title and preferred subject makes sense! Of course, I haven't started healing with him yet - in fact I'm levelling Protection - but he's the right name and right class, so I'll call that a win.

My goal for this character is to level to 85 on a new server with no money, no gear and no high-level characters to help him out.  Any blog content that happens to get generated is simply a bonus.

The guild perks are going to mean that I will be getting some bonuses in terms of loot from mobs, but that's the only support I am going to accept from the guild. I joined only to have some awesome people to talk to. I've already had to turn down several very generous offers of startup cash from a very welcoming and kind-hearted bunch of people.

DAY ONE:  0g, Level 0

Bright-faced and with bushy beard, Fannon the second found himself in Anvilmar with lint in his pockets and little else.

In doing the initial quests and not spending money I was barely managing to keep a whole silver to my name.  Blizzard seems to be very tight with giving out cash at the extreme low levels, and I was scrounging to even get money for my new abilities.

At level 5 I picked up Mining and Enchanting, figuring that the low level enchanting market - which did so well for Rades on Medivh - would earn me some easy cash disenchanting any green items that I could get from questing or snag from the auction house cheaply.

I managed to scrounge together 6 silver by putting off buying Holy Light and headed to the auction house to see if I could snag a green item or two to flip or disenchant for some easy startup cash.  Six silver doesn't really buy much, even the really low level items, but amazingly I did manage to snag two green axes and disenchanted them into Lesser Magic Essences, which at the time were going for a really solid 1g99s each.  Sadly, it seems that the low level enchanting mats market is not very strong on this realm, and not long after I posted those the market had crashed down to 40s, which while substantially less, still represented a very good profit.

What really worked well for me is Copper Ore.  Even though it seemed as if Dun Morogh was completely mined out, by the end of day one I had managed to get a couple of stacks of ore and managed to quickly sell them for about 5g each.

I took the profit that I had made and reinvested it in some more greens to disenchant and relisted the Lesser Magic Essences in stacks of 10, which seemed to be selling better than singles.  Along with some more ore, I quit for the day with a healthy 6g6s and about 30g in potential sales sitting on the auction block.

As well, I was level 12 and completely finished with Dun Morogh.  I decided that Fannon 2.0 would level through the new quests in Westfall, which I would begin on Day Two.

END OF DAY ONE: 6g6s, Level 12.


  1. Ooh, I like this idea. I'm not a great money maker, but I do really like leveling so I might try this out.

    I'd probably do enchanting and herbalism, or possibly skinning and herbalism.

    Jeez, I don't know what class I'd level XD

  2. I found skinning was a nice way to make money, when leveling an alt on a new server. Mining, not so much.

  3. Sounds like fun!

    Remember. The Auction House if your friend. For next to everything. If not, the vendor :)

    - Jamin